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Just Environmental Action
About Us

Uniting Voices for a Sustainable Future!

Just Environmental Action is just that…

Just – we stand for what is just and right!

Environmental – we stand up for the Environment!

Action – we stand for acting together!


Our Principles


Giving a voice to individuals and areas that are isolated or under threat, supporting them through an informed, well-advised and experienced cooperative.

Good Governance

Holding organizations and officials accountable for the welfare of people and their environment, ensuring they fulfil their duty of care with utmost responsibility.


Speaking up for the planet and the health of its ecosystems, insisting on ethical and honest development that never compromises environmental integrity held in trust for future generations.


Mission Statement

To provide a platform and support for those individuals and organisations whose aim is to protect the environment and to disseminate appropriate information to this end. To ensure good governance and responsibility from those who are entrusted with environmental decisions and those who impact on the environment.

To ensure financiers are aware of, and are held jointly accountable for the impacts of financing developments that have a negative impact on the environment


Aims and Objectives

(a) To protect and conserve natural environments, especially environmentally sensitive areas to protect the quality of life for future generations.

(b) To protect and conserve all species that live in and depend on natural environments such as rivers, wetlands, dams and pans, grasslands, ridges,

(c) To participate in environmental processes when developments threaten environmentally sensitive areas.

(d) To strive to uphold all sections of the Environment and Conservation Act and the National Environmental Management Act.

(e) To look for positive, sustainable solutions by engaging with the various role-players.

(f) To co-operate and form strategic partnerships with other Non Government Organisations and community groups.

(g) To hold government departments, civil society and the private sector accountable for actions taken that contribute to the degradation of the environment.

(h) To safe-guard and improve the quality of life for all.

Become part of this venture to give voice and clout to all who are serious about conservation – conservancies, ratepayers and residents associations and concerned individuals.

  • Become a Member
    If you are an interested individual or a like minded organisation we welcome you to find out more and consider becoming a member of JEA.
    Read More
  • Become a Member.
    If you are an interested individual or a like minded organisation we welcome you to find out more and consider becoming a member of JEA.
    Read More

Our aim is to help you:
  • Use the appropriate processes to protect our threatened ecosystems
  • Be more effective with government departments
  • Improve your responses to Environmental Impact Assessments and town planning applications
  • Work together with those individuals and organisations who seek sustainable solutions to environmental challenges
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